I was intending to write about a different post for the movies category, but I watched this movie last night and ohhh boyyy! It pushed me to write about this. So let’s briefly have my views over it.

Cortesy Google Image
Courtesy Google Image

My perception about Indian cinema is a bit different I segregate it in two, one which belongs to stardom and other to the strong story. Movie contains big stars usually lack the firm story and concept (yes it doesn’t happen all the time but mostly).

After sometime I came across a movie with completely different story. Movie falls in action, drama and thriller category with the length of almost 137 minutes. Movie wrote and directed by Atul sabharwal, produced by Yash Raj Films. This was one of the movies which made me say “What a perfect cast”. Each and every character played and performed by really perfect actor well suitable for the roles, right from the Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff to Arjun Kapoor.

For me there is not a single protagonist of the story, each role was important for the story and I love the concept when writer bring all the characters along the story, so for me this was not a one man show. Indian cinema has a complete line of gangster and clan fighting movies but they all are somewhat same. This movie is not one of them. Movie reveals the real picture of society from land mafia to the police. How everyone either wants the power or money and how lies and sex factors are used to achieve the two. But among all the bad faces and their evil desires there still are the ones who make the honesty and sincerity a complete success.

The original concept of the movie is based on the life of Mughal king Aurangzeb, specially his strategy how he killed his entire siblings to own the crown. Movie is narration by the Arya phogat, how his uncle brought him up all in his corrupted way of living, after the defamation of his father from the police department in a certain case. Rest of the story is all about how Arya went in a scheme with his uncle to clear the name of his father and where it ended up all, I want you to watch it yourself. While talking about the performances, you can’t name a single actor who didn’t perform well but ohhh man Arjun Kapoor and Prthiviraj Sukumaran nailed it. Arjun Kapoor really impressed me a lot his gestures and expressions, his intense performance as Ajay, all I said after watching him “Salman Khan worked on a real Gem”.

I loved the illuminating dialogue of the movie which is “Apno ki keemat sapnoo say zayda hoti hai” (the value of the family is more than the value of the dreams). This dialogue says all about the movie itself and its positivity towards the life and sincerity towards the occupation.


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