NYX Cosmetics Round case Lipsticks


I am a lipstick lover, and I don’t know why but at the back of my brain I think the easiest way to gauge any product is by its lipsticks. Ya! I know it’s a silly perspective but good lipstick can make me try other stuff from the brand. So this time I think to give a go to NYX lipstick what I think about them let’s have a look.



I think NYX has changes its name to NYX ‘Extra Creamy’ Round lipstick.

Packaging and formula: These lipsticks come in black sturdy elegant packaging, which makes them quite prone to breakage on fall. These come to all the way from Karachi (Yes, first to the vendor from UK) in a very good shape no breakage on the outside packaging or the inner tube. Bottom is a transparent part showing the color of the lipstick as well as number of the lipstick. Top of the lipsticks read the name. Lid of the lipsticks have all the necessary details like bar coding (which shows the originality of the brand and product), ingredients and weight.

While talking about the formula of the lipstick these are quite creamy and moisturized. I am someone with dry lips and keep on using lip balm all day long in both seasons, these lipsticks works really well without pre-moistening my lips with the balm. Both shades in my possession keep sheen and gleam in it. Formula is buildable, in one swipe u get the minimum of the shade and with layering you can get a darker and brighter one. Formula is so good that it doesn’t melt in the harsh summers. Creamy formula makes it easy to apply, and the pigment shows up quite well with the first layer.


Fragrance: as I already told this fact many times am not someone with sensitive sense of smell, so for me these are quite fragrance less. Shade Margarita doesn’t have any fragrance in it, where Narcissus does have a really insignificant one.


Longevity: Usually a good average lipstick stays up to 4 hours max. These stays on me around 5 hours with eating or even more but I didn’t test beyond it but yes it lighten up naturally by eating and drinking.

My Stance: This was the first product I used from the NYX. I went for the shades Margarita and Narcissus. Margarita is a sheeny coral pink shade more towards the coral side and Narcissus is the purply pink shade more towards the purple side. Sheen is not over powering but it gets strong on doubling up the layer. The best thing for me is that moistening factor of the lipstick, I can use them without the balm and while it is on the lip it doesn’t make my lips dry. Second thing I love about it, being creamy or good in moisten it doesn’t melt in summer even in my closet and cupboard. It doesn’t need any extra care due to its sturdy packaging. These are quite good when it comes to pigmentation. So over all am quite happy with it.

Price: I bought them of Rs. 800 each from Iram lilani

Downside: These are not available in Pakistan not even in al-fetah centaurus Islamabad, I don’t know about Karachi. Other downside is price am not someone who likes to lavishly spend on things but as these are not available in Pakistan and importing them from UK makes them pricy (I know for many of you 800 is nothing). But it’s still not over pricy keeping its price in view. But I personally think in this price it should give this much.



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