The Namesake – Jhumpa Lahiri

Let’s directly have a look what I want to say about the book.



Yes Yes Yes, i always buy second hand books, these are best in condition an light on pocket but this ones title a little not in its best condition.

My Stance: The book is about the guy named Gogol, after the writer “Nikolai Gogol”, belonged to an Indian Bengali family. Basically the story revolves around the family and talks about family bonds (which I must say is the specialty of sub-continent). How a husband wife moved from India to America forsake of Mr. Ganguli’s education and then career. The book gives an insight of the dilemmas of lives of those who left India for purpose and have kids abroad. What the parents have to face pursuing their lives away from their homeland and the psyche of the kids as they have to pursue scattered life between the two traditions. Writer also best describe their condition by using a phrase “ABCD” American born confused desi (Desi are the word used for Indians and Pakistani who moved on purpose to foreign countries and have their children there). It discusses how the children being the citizen of the modern world want to spend their lives and how they have to follow their tradition for the happiness of their parents who wants to keep their native traditions alive in their kids. But I must admit story is pretty simple and beautifully describes the love and bond of family. I found the story easy on nerves and somewhat engaging. The protagonist Gogol and ups and downs of his life, dilemmas attached with his name, his relationships and learning the taste of affection towards his family by the passage of time.

I like the stories which make you visit different places while sitting at your couch, introduce you with different cultures, foods and festivals. This story gives me these. But as I myself is Pakistani and we have clear ideas what have written in the book, it’s quite relatable. Story has quite a flow in it, but particularly nothing new for me.


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