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Brando phobia is not that old in our society, I mean if I peep four to five years back; this monster is not that big. This whole modernization thing is spun by media, and these days pretty much heard and experienced everywhere. Let me admit in the very start that this article is not about favoring or going against the brands and current trends, then what? You have to read what I want to say and discuss.

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What is the prime reason for going for a brand? I asked this question to a few people around me, what do they think and what is the prime reason for going for a brand? And majority of them replied “it is quality”. General concept is, branded products are good in quality, long lasting, unique articles (single pieces), most often defect free, and yes admit it or not these are somehow considered as status symbol or you can say class (no-one accepts it frankly except a few).I second the general concept. But again the question is paying a huge amount for something and then concluding “product was worth the penny” (I know that every expensive product is not worth the money). I mean I never get. If I spend a good lot of money on something; used it; found it good, what would be my expression? I would be happy and thank God that I didn’t invest in the wrong thing, or I would be silent, like I spent money, resultantly found good quality, Why to praise or get excited, I paid and got the result, nothing special, business ended positively. All in all I think it’s not only the quality it’s also the inner satisfaction that I got with the branded thing.

Is brand the other name of style? If you ask me this question I will straight away say NO. Around 2, 3 years back I read a statement on Maryah Dada’s facebook page which was
“Fashion is what you are offered four times a year, style is what you pick out of that fashion!” and I still agree with it. I think Brand is an option but style is the choice. If you can’t help yourself identifying your style believe me, you can’t CHOICE a good piece from the option. In other words, if you have a good style you can select a good piece even from Sunday bazar. If you don’t know the technique and skill (not everyone knows the technique but it can be learnt by practice) of wearing an eye shadow, even naked 3 won’t help you.

Buying Brand is not a sin: Buying a brand is not a sin but it’s just the matter of your financial feasibility. If you are earning well, or have a good sponsor, straight away go for brands that you like and can afford too. Vice Versa develop a strategy, collect money from your monthly income or start some earning just for your soul satisfaction. It would be good if you buy a luxury with your own money. Essence is, if you can afford you should buy, but if you don’t than don’t burden yourself with it.

Be it yourself: What does it mean when they say “Be it yourself”? While going for Topshop, Zara, H&M, ASOS, Aldo, Gucci, Urban decay, J.J, Maria. B, HSY. Is it ME or am selecting from different choices and options they gave to me. I think they are helping me in improving my personality by charging me. Will Maria.B on me, Aldo on feet, Mac on face, bring a different level of confidence in my personality? Yes, these things cover up until or unless I don’t speak, until you don’t bring me on the lunch or dinner table, and more specifically you don’t make me hyper. But I think even before going for any brand we should know about ourselves. What kind of body do I have, slim, thin, chubby, fat? How much tall am I? What is my complexion? What is my skin type? What is my face shape? What is my eye color? Be it yourself doesn’t mean for me “I don’t care what everyone thinks, am fat and I like it this way”, “I don’t care if the nose pin suits me or not, I like it, so am wearing it”. For me it means IDENTIFY yourself, I look good with patterned prints or floral ones? If I select floral ones, it shouldn’t be similar to bed sheets. Learn, shorter height people look good with vertical prints. If I have thin feet I should often go for flip flops, peep toes and cross wired. Above all keep your family preferences in the view.

What I want to say? Communication skills, is a buzz word. There are different types of it and in non-verbal communication, personality outlook is an important factor, you can’t leave everything at its own. What I wanna say is until or unless you don’t learn and achieve your own style you even can’t carry a brand well. Brand can never prove a wrapper to hide all your personality flaws. This is life not a rat race where owning a brand is must. If you don’t have enough resources to buy one, it doesn’t mean you can’t walk the current trend. Lusting on things without making an effort to make them happen is a big loser approach. Brand can play an important role in enhancing your personality but creating your own clothing style and pairing them with right accessories can prove more fun.

Note:- I wrote this article for approval of my blog from PBBC but yet not receive any response from them so am publishing it on my blog


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