And the Mountains Echoed – Khalid Hosseini


Thanks to my decision of blogging, am getting back into the habit of reading. It’s a kind of therapy, making your fingers taste the paper, which quite lost that by just tasting the laptop keys. Hahaha funny description but true as well. I think not only in Pakistan but globally younger generation is getting away from the book culture (Thankx to the technology). I myself is more of a movie person than the paper one. Everyone has their own taste but it’s good to hold a book and give it a go. So let’s talk about the book of the month.

Last month I was in conversation with my cousin and she suddenly asked me “have you heard of Khalid Hosseini ? or his book “The Kite runner”, there is also a movie over the book ?” And I said “NO” with quite an embarrassment. In our, that conversation she praised his book a lot and I thought right a way, am gonna read his book instead of watching movie first. But unfortunately I couldn’t get “The Kite Runner” first but the “And the mountains echoed”. So I gave it a go

Khalid Hosseini is acclaimed writer and didn’t need my words, he is Afghani by birth and writes stories about Afghanistan.

My Stance: The story is mainly connected in nine chapters. Story is not narrated by a single character, in each chapter narrator is different. Story is mainly about two siblings Abduallah and Pari, aparted, selling the little girl pari by their father to aid the rest of the family. The whole nine chapters and the characters coming across the story are just to keep some metaphysical connection between the both. I must say this is a well thought story, every piece of the story is well worked upon, every character created is well described and well performed character. The story is mainly about two characters but few characters I came across are written for the education of the readers specially Thalia, her mother Madaline, Amira, Adel, Idris. These characters might not play the direct role in the story but yes gave the firm support to whole story.

Story will make you visit many countries Afghanistan in both before and after war days. How Afghanistan used to be and what it became after war. Paris, Tinos (Island of Greek), UK. I must say author has the ability to make his reader well visualize the place by giving the details of the place.

While reading a book, everyone has their own personal agreements and disagreements with the situations of the narration. I personally don’t agree with the kind of one sided association created between Nabi and Suleiman Wahditi, I just don’t agree with it. This can be possible even in those days in the place like Afghanistan but my mind don’t just accept.

The story was not like it blown away my mind or I get really really impressed but still it’s not even an ordinary one as well. Infact for me it’s a collage of stories every character has.

Hope to see you with next book review.

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