Rimmel Stay Matt – Pressed Powder

Have my confession in the very start, this is quite a raved product among the bloggers and beauty lovers and I didn’t have the intentions to do a review on it. But what made me doing so let’s have a look.


Product Claims: Controls shine up to 5 hours, Natural matte finish. Helps minimize the appearance of pores.

What made me buy? Last summer I was using the duo of “Essence matte foundation” and “Rimmel Renew and Lift Powder” and I was very satisfied as essence matte kept my face matte quite well. But the matter of fact “Rimmel Renew and Lift powder” was a face powder not the pressed powder and by the time I learnt while using a good coverage foundation better to go with pressed powder instead of face powder. I read so many good reviews on this product. When I went to buy me a pressed powder, among all, this was the one perfectly milled. Its, transparent 001 just went well with my complexion.

Packaging & Formula: This pressed powder comes in a pan shape round plastic container with a one circle screw lid. Plastic container and lid both are not that sturdy (in my point of view) they do have the tendency to break during travelling. I had a bad experience with Rimmel Renew and Lift powder packaging which was comparatively better than this. I got crack on the lid as well as the powder broke within the container. So I think I could have bad experiences with it. Another plus of the packaging is its light weighted and easy to carry. I was simply blown away when I slightly swatch the product in shop it was like velvet at least I felt it. Very well milled, the best among all the other pressed powders I swatched in the shop.

Fragrance: It has a very light, un-noticeable fragrance which vanishes off soon, at least for me its sort of fragrance-less, am not someone with sensitive or good nose seriously.

My Stance: As in start I confess I didn’t wana review this product as it is much hyped and much reviewed but couldn’t help myself. Around two weeks ago, one Friday I had to attempt the interview a job interview it was damn hot around 42 degrees that day. I was wearing light summer makeup and ohhhhhhh man this thing kept my face brilliant matte and shine free. I seriously fell in love with this that day. The best thing about the product is it sets the makeup pretty well by absorbing into the skin right away. I don’t find it swirling over my face. It doesn’t give its own coverage but gives a matte finish by naturally infusing with the skin and complexion. As it is transparent it gives the face quite a smooth kind of finish (I think that because of minimizing the pores). I have normal to combination skin and even in the melting temperature it kept me pretty matte for around 5 hours I didn’t find anything shinny around my nose and T-zone. It might don’t work this long for oilys. All in all I simply love this thing and these days it’s quite a staple. I don’t have problem of pores so I can’t say anything about the pores much.

Price: I bought it of Rs. 575 from sadder Rawalpindi.


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