Non- formula Indian movies EDIT # 1

With the passage of time, I witnessed the cinema of Bollywood grew fabulously in all aspects. Along with the improvisation of the filming techniques I observed directors start hitting the rarely touched concepts. Though formula star stuck movies are much raved in the public previously, but now the audiences get the taste to admire the REAL story. Today am going to point few non formula Indian movies. Let’s have a look.

Image Google Courtesy
Image Google Courtesy

Ship of Theseus: Frankly speaking this movie blew my head away. The basic concept of the movie is based on the original concept of paradox of Theseus, which is, if the parts of any object will be changed will it remain the same (original) object. The movie talks about three transplants and story revolves around the individuals who went through the transplantation. You may find this movie boring.

The Lunch Box: The story of the movie revolves around the house wife who tries to win her husband with the help of her home made food. In this struggles she got connected with a stranger, when “Daba Wala’s” deliver her food to him instead of her husband, who guides her fighting the complications of her marital life.

Stanley ka Daba: This movie is really an emotional one. An amazing story of brilliant boy how he hides the reality of not bringing lunch for the extra sessions from home. How his greedy teacher expel him in revenge without informing the principal.

Bombay Talkies: This collage of movies was made celebrating centenary year of Indian Cinema. This is the collection of four different stories directed by four different and brilliant directors. First story “Ajeeb Dastan hai yeh” was about a couple and youngster left his home denying the influence of his father who curses him for being homosexual. The best part of the story is the girls who sing melodious oldie goldie’s in a very sweet voice. The second story “Star” was about a person who couldn’t help himself becoming an actor and in search of a job to serve his family. The third Story “Sheila ki jawani” was about the boy who loves dancing but his father doesn’t like his this passion, story tells how he and her sister get able to collect money for her sister’s trip by using his passion. The forth story “Murabba” revolves around a young guy whose father requested him to go and meet Mr. Amitabh Bachan and ask him to taste the murabba and bring half which he left.

Udaan: This movie really really inspired me due to its completely unique concept and story which revolves around a father and his two sons and his attitude towards them and how ultimately they escape out. It is also said that this movie is somewhat the Biography of Indian director/producer/filmmaker Anurag Kyshup.

Hope to see you guys soon with few more non-formula movies.


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