Whitening Base – Luscious

Today the product under discussion is a bit controversial; I read mixed reviews about the product. What I think about the product, let’s have a glance.


Product Claims: a multi-benefit, hydrating makeup primer that provides daily protection against UVA/UVB rays and harmful environmental factors. Evens out skin tone and helps prevent dark spots and pigmentation caused by sun damage, while prepping your skin for a flawless makeup application. Smooths the skin so that makeup glides on and stays in place all day. Designed to improve skin texture, minimize pores/ fine lines for a radiant complexion.

Around a year ago I was intending to buy me a primer but a primer which can do a bit more than a primer does. I spotted this product, give the description a little go and bought it without reading much reviews. Just giving you a glimpse of my skin type, I have dry to combination skin but its more on dry side. So I bought this whitening base for Normal/Dry skin. Product doesn’t talk about the ingredients on the tube, the only thing mentioned is “Non-Comedogenic” and for the details of this term please read this. Product claims itself to be against animal testing and contains no animal ingredients.

Packaging & Consistency: Product comes in squeezing tube of 45ml, with screw cap and a small but appropriate spout which deploys the right amount. Let me tell you these 45ml are more than enough if you are using this as makeup primer, a tiny amount is enough. While talking about the consistency its more or less same but yes a bit loose in summers but the texture of the cream is fine and easy to apply.

Fragrance: Fragrance of the product is bit clinical sort which bothers me but as soon as the product settles it vanishes away. Fragrance vanishes within 1 to 2 minutes.

My Stance: If you give me 5 mins to get ready for going out the only thing I will apply on my face is this whitening base. Am using this product from May 2013 and this didn’t disappoint me yet. I hardly skip this ever; I skip sometimes if I wear my “Neutrogena dry touch sun screen” as it is a primer in itself. On application when you blend it to absorb in the skin it gives a white sheen but I can’t say it is specifically that white cast layer casted by the SPF as this whitish layer neutralize within 2 to 3 minutes. In fact it neutralizes on my face while application with fingers. The product contains very fine minute or invisibly visible (ohhh God! My oxymoron) glittery tiny particles in it but these are not which makes the face glittery or shimmery but yes a very nice shine. It makes my skin clearly prepped for the makeup, nicely primed and even toned but it doesn’t hide my dark spots much. It gives my face a nice neutral base, which is hydrating and sun protected as well. I sometimes use it for my eye shadow primer as well and it does a nice job there too. I don’t have pores and fine lines issue with me so I can’t say much about it, but I feel it gives my face a nice go ahead. Yes, it gives my face a kind of glow and I received few compliments while wearing it, specifically in words my skin is glowing. While wearing it alone I witness that sebum shine on my t-zone after quite 3 to 4 hours. These days in melting summers I just wear this whitening base, concealer under my eyes and my setting powder that’s it.

All in all I simply love this product as my experience with this product remains quite nice. I think I shouldn’t compare it with primers as I think this is a whitening base which doesn’t insanely white your face. I read different and mixed reviews from few oilys but this is my genuine experience with it.

Price: As I mentioned I bought it last year and it was around 895 Rs. I am not awared with the latest prices.


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