Banana Bread

Well after so long I baked this bread. So do pardon me for not so pretty presentation of my bread. I baked this simple plain banana bread for breakfast purpose. I am not a baking expert or anything I just keep on making these kinds of things for a little change. It contains no complications.DSC02057


1 cup – all-purpose flour

2 slightly heaped teaspoons – baking powder

2 bananas fully ripped mashed

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup milk …. add if needed

1/2 cup oil (I was out of butter) … ½ cup butter unsalted melt it

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 eggs

Vanilla Extract is missing


  1. Preheat oven. Before mixing everything switch your oven ON.
  2. It’s the key for the cake keep the dry stuff in the same bowl and wet in the other
  3. Start by adding flour, baking powder and mix them well in dry form
  4. In another bowl add sugar, two eggs, vanilla extract, oil/butter and beat them well. Beat them until sugar melts properly.
  5. Then add mashed bananas in this mixture and beat again. Until whole mixture become one. I did this way, but if you want to have chunks of banana than just mashed them, add them and stir them.
  6. Add the flour+baking powder in the mixture in parts (it will help in making smooth batter). Add milk if you feel consistency of batter is too thick. It should be pourable.
  7. Pour the better in to a load tin or cake pan, before pouring the batter glazed it with oil or spread butter paper.
  8. I use Gas oven and I bake it around 45 mins until light or medium brown.
  9. Before removing the cake from the oven check it with help of some knife insert it into the cake and if batter doesn’t stick to it this means your cake is ready.

Hope it will work for you as well



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