My Take on Tea

Melting summers are in the house and what about the caffeine lovers? Let’s talk about my take on tea.DSC02042

Pakistani nation is quite an addict of tea. We are among one of those nations who spend oodles of money on tea. We not only share a good conversation over a cup of tea but it is also consider the best substitute of medicine in headaches. I also use it for celebrating both my happiness and despairs. Even the summers couldn’t reduce my love for the tea.

Combination of caffeine and sugar is one of the best, and am such an admirer of it that its ritual for me to start my every significant work with a good cup of tea/coffee. But at the same time being a rapid weight gainer and frequent tea taker sugar impact my weight a lot. Previously I developed a taste of having tea without sugar, but this time I couldn’t help myself. So am replacing my regular tea with the few other teas, which benefits in few other ways as well.

Lemon Grass Tea: I remember when first time I sipped this one. It was completely refreshing with a little taste of lemon. Lemon grass is easily available in the local market and quite in-expensive. If you are a regular tea taker you should give it a try (Most of you have already tasted it). I used it without sugar and its taste is equally good.

Mint Tea: Mint is considered one of the catalysts for the digestion. I simply love the refreshing aroma of the mint tea. I just pluck a small sized twig with around 8 to 10 leaves and just put it in one cup water and boil it. It also help clearing my skin and reducing the spots and blemishes. It is really light and energetic in taste.

Black tea+cinnamon: Just for the taste changer I use this. Less than the quarter teaspoon of black tea (the regular tea we use on daily basis) and small stick of cinnamon and just a pinch of salt. I found this as kind of energy booster; it awakened me a little in noon.

Green Tea: I mean who doesn’t know the benefits of green tea, we all use it. I love to have green tea with little of cinnamon; yes I just love the aroma of cinnamon.

These teas are low caloried and more refreshing than the regular tea I take. These teas also helped me reducing the gastric problems by keeping my lips hot.

Whats your take on tea ?


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