I always keep on searching movies which are light on heart, relaxing and inspiring. I don’t always look for the happy endings but the ones which leave me inspired and motivated. All you can say my quest is, a Friday night movie awesome to kick start your weekend. Was that the one?

Image google Courtesy
Image google Courtesy

Yes, for me this movie was one of those. When I heard about the movie it attracted me, am quite a FAN of Kangna Ranuat, the protagonist. But Last week, while watching the show “The Front Row”, I came across that movie earned a business more than expectations (director Vikas Bahl was sharing his experience), this made it my movie of the week.

Queen is a drama – comedy, with almost the length of 146 minutes. I simply fall in love with the character Rani played by the fashionista and versatile Kangna Ranuat. She was ridiculed by the Bollywood most of the time for her thick accent, which became the key for her this character. I would like to appreciate her craft of acting the way she portrayed the innocent Rani. Throughout the movie, Kangna wore such a minimalist makeup, which reveals the real innocent Rani. Even in the scene of wedding ceremonies (of her friend) the makeup was quite basic (in reality these days girls wear quite heavy). I loved the way movie portrayed the modern Punjabi families, which is the true picture of Punjabi families these days. If I say the movie was very picturesque it wouldn’t be a lie either the part in India or during her visit. Cinematography of the movie is awesome.

The story of the movie is such a good combination of sweet and sour. You can easily judge by the name of movie that story mainly revolves around a girl belonged to normal Punjabi family and obedient to her parents, like every next door girl. The thing I liked about the movie is the pace of story is good and captivating. It doesn’t bore you by keeping you in the single frame or by keeping the characters in the same mind set. Story changes and provides you something new in every next scene. I can’t say story is something very out of box but the narrative of the story made it extra ordinary. I like the flow of story, how she went through a trauma and found people in worst condition than her but living a youthful and energetic life. This is story, telling you sometimes it’s better to get a stroke to get the self-awareness. The un-favorable conditions sometimes bring the best out of you. The movie is a reminder that we all have that certain skill in us and we are so habitual of it that we just put it in the background with the name of routine, but hard time just brings it in the front.

What I got from the movie is live your life without the influence of other. Those who love you will also love what you love.


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