Noxzema Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub

Let me admit, am more of a skin care girl than color cosmetics one. I love the clear and flawless skin with barely there makeup. But this flawless skin always remains a dream for me, as happy men are myth same is the case with my skin. I keep on searching the products which keep me flawless (Frankly speaking I search for the products which can do miracles overnight :D). In quest of such product how Noxzema Clean Blemish Control Daily scrub performed, let’s have a read.


My skin type is dry to combination, am not acne prone by grace of Almighty and my skin is not sensitive as well. In winters it remains on dry side but not driest dry or very dry, less hydrated is the word. In the recent winters while purchasing for the season I had quite an eye over this product of Noxzema and the word “Clean Blemish Control” did wonders for me to buy this one. It contains Salicyclic Acid which obviously is used to control the break outs, acne, pimples and zits. There is an another word “Non-comedogenic”, now this one was new for me, on a little bit research I found out the “comedo” is the difficult or chemical name of pimple when excess oil combines with dead skin cell it and occupies the pore and result is pimple further science make them white or black head. Research also told me that non-comedogenic (which controls whitehead, blackhead grew form of pimple) are mostly oil free and this baby claims itself oil free too.

Product Claims: Clean blemish control daily scrub, created especially for adult skin, gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate skin. This formula helps to clear and prevent breakouts, leaving skin beautifully smooth and feeling hydrated.

My Observation: In the recent winters this remains my absolute favorite. Being resident of Rwp/ISB weather remains more towards dry side and facewash becomes a big NO for me. In these winters this helped me in replacing my facewash with this. This thing kept me hydrated, yes enough hydrated that sometimes I skip my moisturizer after using it and can live without moisturizing for next few hours. It really left and still leaves my skin smooth, soooo smooth that I really felt all the dead cells been washed away. My moisturizer glides and then absorb in my skin so well after using it, which made me felt the clear difference I never feel this luxury of absorbing moisturizer so well after any other product (yes specially face-wash kind of thing). The absorption made me feel how well my skin got cleared. The product is a daily scrub and it contains micro-beads in it which helps in washing the dead skin. These are pretty tiny and white in color you can observe them with naked eye and these absolutely don’t feel harsh on skin, while massaging. I love the cooling effect it gave while massaging and that minty feeling which came with splash of water. I really enjoy that cooling effect even in winters. The cooling effect is not tingling at all. If you are not FAN of minty or cooling feel this might be not for you. When I was using this product I consciously stopped using any other one to gauge the performance of the product (Yes, when I invest money I keep an eye on the results). It helped clearing my blemishes, this was not an overnight process or some magic happening thing it took some time. Let me admit am so bad in pricking pimples, and I call the process operation. I had such stubborn marks, it lightened them up but it took time. But let me admit one more thing when I was using and hugely Fan of this product I used some product which broke me out badly, it was the combination of my diet less water intake who collectively commit the crime. It worked over blemishes but slow. But yes rest the product is superb, after removing my makeup, I definitely use it or sometimes just massage with this for 5 to 10 mins and that’s it. It removes makeup quite well, expect the stubborn eyeliners like if using colossal kajal. I still have to give it a go in the melting temperature which we still didn’t face in RWP/ISB.

Overall if I say it pretty much up for the claims it won’t be wrong. I still love it and for the price it won’t feel heavy on my pocket. I bought this for Rs. 550.

Note:- Skin care products may differ from person to person because personally I think for achieving flawless skin not only product matters but it depends on the skin type, diet, level of stress, amount of dirt in your area, water intake and few other factors as well.



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