Love for Lipsticks

I think when a girl arrives into the makeup world the first thing she extends her hands on are mostly lipsticks. Same was the case with me, no skills required to apply this so my first choice was lipsticks. I personally think just with a little splash of color you can pretty much brighten up your face and minimize the dullness and laziness. So todays review on the lipsticks.


I am someone who always remains in quest of pocket friendly things, most of us. Till the time I never find myself going for the expensive beauty products. Yes, I do wana try all kind of cult and expensive brands in cosmetics but I think there should be a good strategy instead of being droll over every second product. But I loved to discover budgeted products with good quality. As I think many people go for brands just for quality. products are the ones in easy access (at least in my city) and light on pocket. The shades I tried are 14 and 26, but I didn’t buy them together. In last summer I wana buy some brownish nude or some nude but not in very light shade, as I think very light shades give me kind of dull appearance. So, on my visit to W.Willson I found these babies. Packaging is quite cute, these come in pretty small size, and some kind of shimmery of-white packaging. Lipsticks contain click caps, and this click top thing makes them travel friendly. Packaging is quite sturdy I bring them almost everywhere and in every kind of bag or clutch nothing hurt them.

These two lipsticks are from’s color fusion range. Shade 26 the brownish toned shade is my go to lipstick. I used them in both the seasons. In summers they definitely got a little sweat on them, but they didn’t melt badly in summers (that bullet just cracks away). One swipe is just enough for reasonable coverage they are quite pigmented. I love the how do these slides one the lips. Am someone with a bit dry lips, and I love by heart how they make and keep my lips moist and hydrated. I frankly love them having on my lips I don’t worry for the balm if am wearing these in both seasons. These feel light on lips without giving sticky feeling. Shade 14 plum one I bought with my dress and I have same feelings for it. These lipsticks last quite well, around 4 to 5 hours after 5 hours I found a good stain of them on my lips, this time is with complete licking, eating, drinking and peeling of the lips (yaa yaa I know am bad in this dept). I never found them in my fine lines of the lips might be I just eat them. has reasonable range of shades but I think there should be few more. I bought them two last year and I got them 150 Rs. Each. I am completely un-aware of their recent prices. These lipstick’s can be bought online from Eye Love Makeup.

I must admit blogging specially beauty blogging is not that easy, any damage on lipstick tips caused during photography session of these cuties.



Shade 14
Shade 26

What was your experience with these lipticks ?


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