Wash the crime – Cuticura

I delayed this review as I wanted to gauge the performance of this baby in both the seasons. My skin type is dry to combination in summers and remains on drier side in winters but am not the driest dry. Face-wash for me is a challenge in winters, as mostly face-washes make my skin hell dry. I am the sole users of cosmetics and skin products at my home so things last for me pretty long. I always need a product which mostly works for me in every season (yaaaa I know few products give best results in the suitable seasons like shampoos for me atleast :D). So how was my experience with it.



I bought it in the start of winters. I knew now the time is on the verge when every other face-wash will stretch my face, this always made me hesitant to use face-wash on daily basis (I started preferring daily scrubs, it’s not the case I don’t wash my face :D). This baby caught my eyes not because of the perfect color combination of packaging (:P) but the title DRY SKIN. Reading this I immediately picked it up and give the front description a quick go, intensively moisturizes is the other word which confirmed it in my cart.

Product Claims: Expert formulation with glycerin and Allantoin, renowned for their skin smoothing and conditioning properties. This gentle foaming facial wash will cleanse the skin without over-drying, leaving it feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

My Observation: So the first thing first, the packaging is quite qualitied tube with screw cap and attractive color combination (shades of orange are my favorite specially tangerine). Being the resident of twin cities we have to bear the harshest winters. Skin feels so quenched and thirsty due to less intake of water and I think water of twin cities have a drying leave in it. It is essential to mention as I think city weather matters a lot selecting a product. When I bought it, I thought as it has glycerin and allantoin it will give me intense hydrating feeling, as it is mentioned on the tube as well (intensively moisturises) but it is not intensively moisturising. For me intensively moisturizing means I can skip moisturizer sometimes, but still I felt the need of moisturizer in winters, which I think obviously due to the cleansing ingredients. It absolutely gives a clean leave by removing the dirt and excessive oils, it works quite well for removing makeup. I felt soft and refreshed after washing face. In summers it gives quite a hydrating, soft, clean and fresh feel. But freshness doesn’t mean as it shows in tooth paste ads. Product is transparent in color (whitish). In winters the consistencies of the product is reasonably thick but not gel like which in summers a bit runny.


Overall am quite happy with the performance of this face-wash as it gives extremely clean feel and enough hydration and moisture which I couldn’t find in any other face-wash I used till the time. It’s a good drug store face-wash both in performance and price wise. Product pretty much does what it claims. I don’t exactly remember the price but yes, amount is pretty enough in the cost of 190-250 Rs.

Any suggestions for hydrating face-washes are welcomed, which are pocket friendly as well.



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