Self Management

Last days I got the chance to attend a training session on “Time management”, within the slides, presenter highlighted a point and mannn I was immediately sold. He said time management is just “Self-management”, you cannot manage time but yes you can manage yourselves. In just the 3-4 starting slides of the presentation I got what I wanted.

self-managementn my way back home I kept on thinking, a hell of articles I read on time management, how to stay productive? This and that and all worked for me 2-3 days and that’s it. I have to admit I am not to-do list sort of person. Being the part of IT industry from last few years I really not into writing the things or you can say type them down (My blog is struggle for this), even though I genuinely think writing down the things make one mentally relax.

Not losing the point I decided to make myself productive by managing the self. I am the most un-organized, lazy, queen of procrastination, short tempered and least productive person on earth. I am a last minute doer yessssssss those who ultimatly make things possible at the very last minute by creating all the chaos and mess around the table, life and family. I never do the things before the high time call. Count anything, I mean nameeeeee it, you want me to give you example? ok I don’t wash clothes unless I left with last pair.

But now I wanted to manage myself and stay productive. How? First thing I decided to do is not taking any tips from others I am going to create my own ways to change myself to stay productive. How can someone else knows me? Why to follow when everyone is telling me make a to-do list yaaa I know it’s alright and no harm to make one but I am not a person in writing habit and knows what am gonna do tomorrow. Than what to do to stay productive, organized and managed in a way it keep things smooth for me including my relationships. Following things I decided:

  1. Start my day early: I know nothing new in this advice but I cud never able to do this. To be an early riser I did an internship, in fact I must say useless internship, and it worked pretty well for me to rise early. From last few days (1st May) I am rising early I mean pretty early I wanted to leave the bed at sharp 8:00 AM as I use to do while prepping for office. Yet not achieved the target but 9:30 is my limit I never crossed it in last few days. My previous routine was a complete disaster, which I had before joining the internship. Sleeping at 4:00 AM and rising at around 1:00PM.
  2. Give proper 4 hours to my thesis study: The plan is I will get up at 8:00 AM and after having a breakfast straight to my studies till 12:00 PM. But till the time I couldn’t achieve getting up at 8:00AM I do check the emails and daily updates n do study for 2 hours. My laptop doesn’t work on battery pretty well so I need electricity for it (due to huge power shortage in the country). Alternatively what I identified is taking print outs of my reading material and sit away from laptop and study, and Voilaaa it worked pretty well for me sitting on the system is a distraction in itself. I love reading blogs and facebook the complete distracter. So I found it more productive to study hard copy instead of doing this on laptop. Yes, I know for everyone it’s hard to take print outs but I decided if sometimes it’s hard than don’t open the browser even. I use facebook and bloglovin just on my HTC only. I mean it’s useless to running after the things less achievable by sacrificing the tasks need your attention.
  3. Clean a corner or two everyday: The huge power shortfall and immense load shedding, Yesss, but is it the solution to sit and curse No. I decided to clean and organize one or two corners of my home every day. We own a pretty home, clean upto a certain extent but it’s not well organized and highly neat clean. I want to make it prettiest not by buying and decorating it with expensive pieces but yes by just cleaning and organizing it. I want to keep this in cycle. My basic goal is to organize and my definition of organization is “when you need a thing you get it immediately on the place without having a second thought”. Previously we have the single container for the large, table spoons, tea spoons, forks, and jam knives but now I separated them. Sorted out electricity, phone and gas bills. Getting now what I mean by ORGANIZATION. HAHAHAHA.
  4. Avoid piling up: For me laundry is a big NO, I hate it, I hate it from the core of my heart, I pile it up and I pile it like a peak. But no I will not do this as summers are here and frequent washing is needed. We are facing one hour loading shedding after every hour (yup we are living in a disaster). What I planned it I arranged the clothes which I can wash within one hour. One hour washing didn’t tire me up and gives me a pretty well exercise. Doesn’t pile up my thesis tasks give proper time to it every day.
  5. Manage weight: Yes am someone who gains weight too rapidly. In the last year I put on KGs, which I shed by immense consistency and hard work. But am again up for it 3 cups of green and mint tea (I take regular tea once in the whole day am a huge tea lover). Convert my diet over veges and fruits and started walking 30 mins a day (which am gonna increase gradually) walk works for me a lot and well.


I found out shifting blames and be the part of annoying situations and wasting your energies in an argument just get up and do it yourself. This is only ME whom I can control, whom I can stop from saying annoying things, whom I can productive. So I decided to work on myself by giving therapy of self- management.


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