Trip to Mushkpuri


Every year if I don’t state my New Year resolutions, I at least have them in mind. I always think in the start of the year, what am gonna do this year what should I do? With every passing year I always think, at least am gonna enjoy more this year. Being a kid I never get a chance to visit awesome places in vacations with family or rarely do we visit the places, but yes sometimes we did. So fellas, this year I passed a resolution, to travel a lot more than ever, let’s see if I could be able to work upon my resolution.
So in 2013 I came across a facebook page Destinations unlimited, arranging trips to different places. Trip are mostly one day trips, but as I was busy with my course work every time trip is going to some good place I can’t join them due to my classes which were scheduled on the weekends. But now as I have done with my course work I found group is going to Mushkpuri. I was excited and decided to join them, instantly fill their form, but yes I was dwindling I should go or not as I never went alone somewhere. I didn’t have any friend to accompany me on the trip I asked one or two of my friends but they didn’t show the interest and one who showed couldn’t find a seat in the trip. My brother tried a lot that I drop the trip and we will go after sometime when the weather is not this much chilly. But I said no, this is the right time to see the snow. 16th Feb trip was scheduled I was little worried and scared in the heart and keep on having nightmares like what if bus slipped and I gonna die :D. But still I took the chance and am happy I made it all the way to mushkpuri.
Mushkpuri is the second highest hill of the Galyat. Two ways or you can say two tracks which approaches to the Mushkpuri, one is from the Khyber pakhtonkhaw as mushkpuri is located in the Hills of Nathiagali, abottabad. The other one is if you go from Rawalpindi, is through murree than dongagali and from there track towards Mushkpuri top. We took the second track. The trip start location was NUST gate and time was 7:30 I reached around 7:15 none was there including the organizer but soon he reached. One night before going, he emailed the detail document and suggested to wear shoes with good grip. Coach reaches around 7:35 A.M and all setting done around 8:00 A.M and everything is all set to move. He stopped around 9:00 A.M somewhere in Bahrakahu on a tuc shop if anyone wants to have some snacks.
Before reaching the Murree the weather was not at all chilly but suddenly we reached Murree the first sight on the trees all covered with snow pushed me towards WOwwwwww. We crossed Murree and through Nathiagali we had to touch the dongagali but at one point the bus driver refused to proceed as he felt further road is slippery and it will be hard. Main organizer asked him if we rent a chain and wrapped it over the tyre but he refused. He announced a mutual meeting of everyone keeping two points either to go to mall road of Murree or walk through the Nathiagali road going towards dongagali. We all refused to go to Mall road and proceed further. He distributed us the lunch boxes and all set to walk. Weather was brilliant sunny and blue with fresh snow (it was snowfall at the night back).
While we was walking in form of group and guys were enjoying the snow fight, organizer observed the clean road further, he convinced the driver to come and bring the group to the dongagali where mushkpuri track starts. We all had the lunch during walk and tea, coffee while scaring by the clan of monkeys. After having lunch all set to move towards dongagali, we reached at the bottom of mushkpuri top around 2:30 P.M. Yes, we were late to hike all the way to the TOP of mushkpuri, as it is around 2:30 hours to 3 hours hike to top. So we started hike and around 4:30 PM we come back to the bottom, it was tough but it was an awesome experience. Around 5:00 PM we moved towards back.

Overall it was a good experience, as I think it’s sometimes not necessary to accompany people who are un-necessary burdening you or you can say heavy on mind. It is good to leave every tension on your work desk and get absorbed yourself into some MOMENT. In a moment you ever before, leave a pleasant effect on your body and soul. I feel like travelling is a therapy which can give you physical pain but it gives a mental serenity.  Please have a look at the place

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