Wake Up Sid

This is really a movie of MY TYPE, completely relaxing and light movie. Movie directed by “Ayan Mukherjee”one of the creative directors India has. It belongs to drama, romance and comedy category and keeps duration of 138 minutes.

I love this type of movies with a fresh feel in them that after finishing the movie you don’t have anything heavy in your head.  Movie revolves around a young spoiled brat Sidharrat Mehra (staring Ranbir Kapoor), Sid, who is just interested in chilling out, hanging out having fun all the time with the friends. Meets a new girl in the town, Aisha (starring Konkona sen sharma), just opposite and older in age than Sid, in Sid’s farewell party. Both instantly become friends, and then the story starts. I love the dialog where Aisha asks Sid
Aisha: Tu tum kiya kerty ho wasey?
Sid: Mai apnay dad kay pesay kharch kerta hon
Aisha: or college kay baad kiya karo gay ?
Sid: college kay baaaaad bbbbhhhhi mai apnay dad kay pesay kharch keron ga 😀
Yes he is that careless not only towards the career but towards life as well. He is just a pampered kid, being the single kid of his parents. While talking about Aisha, she is the character for which I adore the movie so much and who can play better than Konkona sen. I mean she is just ME, who wants to get independent, who wants to live independent, wants to earn for herself, wants to cook for herself and enjoy her independence. The cutest thing of the movie is Aisha’s apartment and the way she decors her apart. I just simply love the artistic touch in her home a small but well decorated home (siggggghhhhhhhh! My dream). The whole movie keeps a classy artistic touch in it. The office of “Mumbai beats” is as awesome and creatively shown in the movie as Aisha’s home. The movie is basically revolves how circumstance impact a person and bring change. Sometimes friends and family couldn’t bring responsibility in the person but these are the situations which modify the behavior of one. The second thing I grab from the movie is if you want to spend the happy life try to find the “business of your heart”, this is what “Steve Job” used to say “Never settles until you get the business of your heart”. Identifying the business of your heart makes you work hard and remain happy.
This movie is just keeps a ME factor in it and I can watch it time and again.


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