War Horse

Yes I am one of those who rarely get the chance of partying but I do celebrate in my OWN way. I not only celebrate my Yesss and YAAaaahhhhooOOoo times, but I also do my Nehhh and mehh times as well. Movies are one of the ways I celebrate. Movies not only sometimes relax me but they motivate me and also bring positivity in me.  war-horse-990135l
Ok Okk let’s talk about the movie a bit, I watch movies either on recommendation or those having rating more than 7 out of 10 on imdb.com. This was recommended movie, although I avoid war movies and love stories a bit, but I dared to watch this one. Movie falls in the category of war and drama. It’s duration is 143 minutes and was released in December 2011.Movie was directed by Steven Spielberg. This is a love story of a young guy Albert (starring Jeremy Irvine) and his horse Joe. The way his father wins the horse in auction, not even having money to pay for it. Guy falls in love with the horse in the first sight. I loved the way he took stand to save the horse by taking the challenge to train it. It’s been mostly said “Love is the language understand by all”, and this movie proves it right. The thing I got from the movie is, the thing matters is the “brought up”, brought up of everything, quality process sometimes assures the quality product. Same did the horse proved and same did the guy. The story grows and highlights the first twist when Albert and Joe parted, as Albert’s father handed him over to the army. It might be the case with the true love you can never forget it, same happened in the movie. Movie was a good conjunction of small and big twists, affection and sacrificing the self for the good of others. I also got not only humans but sometimes animals have this sense of sacrificing and caring their mates. This is shown when Joe helped his mate horse many times, and how both the horses were used to escaped by two brothers. Cut the long story short Albert serves himself for World War I and that time Joe was the part of his opponent army. From here story turned how Joe escaped, got trapped by wires and rescued. Ultimately how both Albert and Joe meets eventually but this meet up is not as simple, it all gets the small twists. I overall liked the movie; I like the filming of the war, sceneries and the two horses.

Hope you like the little glance and review



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