My Year 2013

Frankly speaking I don’t remember when did the 2013 start ohhhhh Yes it was started when I started my MS and left my job. It was a bit depressing and somewhat relaxing when 2013 was starting, depressing as I have to leave my job on a very bad note, and exciting as I got admission in my MS. MS is a full time job if you enroll yourself for every subject offered in a semester. This post is just a reviewing post what I did in 2013 and how was it?

In the start of year 2013, I started MS with the plan I will do job in parallel or do web development projects but as I was resuming my academics after 4 years it proved a little tough in the start. I felt burdened as I am not a geek or nerd; I just hate studies (dull) yah yah right you must ask then why did u start? Frankly speaking I wanted to give my career a growth and a little turn towards project management. I thought am gonna meet new people, some energetic academic environment, learning and yes new social terms and friends. All I got but not in the way I thought. I will do a separate post for my course work experience.

My MS was the thing which occupied me throughout the year and I really don’t know where the whole year went. I just kept myself busy or engaged with my studies, more in wasting my time(i keep on recalling all the due assignments and just wasting time on net). Academically it was a good year but socially it was a disaster.

I mostly lack when it comes to the fun and fun with friends, laziness is another factor or big hurdle. This year I just had into the beauty things I got interests in the blogging and beauty bloggers, which made me to buy and take interest in different beauty products.

This year I had really bad experiences in term of relationships, especially in friendships. Might be I was trying to be with people whom am not aligned with or might be they took me in other way wrong. Few people deceived me, broke my trust and even giving them chance again they proved themselves quite low in front of me. So at the end it all ended up in really bad way. I am not exaggerating myself but the truth I noticed “people were not telling me the lies; it was me who was telling truth extremely”. But at the end am happy bad things ended up with the end of the year. I found few good people as well they were harmless and sincere.

I have again started my year with the new passion to live life at extreme, to travel through the Pakistan, to meet new people hahahaha yesssssssss still my doors open, I have learnt a lot from the previous experiences but am not someone let the bad people and circumstances affect me. I take everything as the experience of life, learn from it and move on. I believe Allah’s world and blessings are so big, so immense I still have a big share in it. Still lots of things to learn, still lots of things to watch, still many blessings to enjoy, still a happy heart, still a happy soul. For my satisfaction this is enough I never lie to anyone I never broke the trust of anyone I never make anyone feel low and degraded.

Thankx God Allah pak blessed me with everything i need inshaaAllah i will keep my passion alive this year as well.


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