Crack the jokes not the relationships


I don’t know who is the most live hearted nations on the face of planet earth but yes I do know Pakistanis are one of the most live hearted, cheerful and witty nation. Combine family system is one of the major factors that turn on the wittiness. Yes, by the time tradition of combine family system is dying but still the trend of gathering up on family functions and festivals are part of our lives.

Every time we meet with our cousins, friends and family friends our drawing rooms mostly witness the cheerful times. But sometimes these cheerful times leave the traces of hard feelings which afterwards end up somewhere end up of the relationships. If not end of relationship than must be the reason of hard feelings, WHY? Different reasons few are as follow:

  1. Few people like to crack jokes on you but if you reply them back in form of joke they mind, and realize you, you are getting personal. They don’t have courage to bear the joke back.
  2. Sometimes the addressee is not mature enough to deal with the joke.
  3. Sometimes suddenly the joke cracker cracks a vulgar joke, or use abusive language. People start finding it COOL using abusive language for fun.
  4. When one feels joke is being cracked to taunt me. It’s in the trend as well taunt someone in the joke and when gets notice reply is “I was saying in the general sense not specifically to you”.
  5. Sometimes one is not in good mode or not feeling like having joke time but other one is keep on irritating you, and observing that one is getting irritated friends definitely like to irritate more.

I have observed widely few of our elders just to prove themselves cool, come and sit with the youngsters, and cracks a joke on one of the kids and on multiple attacks if kid in return crack a little joke, elder one flare up like “you don’t know what to say to the elders and what to not”. Kid must be like “What is this yaar!”

So what to do?

  1. Never irritate someone if they are not in the mood (You must think jokes never cracked by observing moods it’s just the spur of time) because it not only turn the worst on but they will do the same when your mood is off.
  2. Avoid cracking joke to or with the elders, you can’t predict when the devil appears in them.
  3. If you crack jokes to some elder one than keep it little low what he cracked on you.
  4. Try to avoid abusing language even in daily conversations, in guy talks and even in the jokes (It’s not cool, it’s highly uncivilized).
  5. If you end up some bad situation, do extend your apologies, don’t let ego come in your relationship.

Why am I writing this post? Few days back, I was the part of same situation. I have one very dear cousin of mine elder 20 years to me but we have such a friendly and comic relationship. We use to keep on cracking jokes to each other enough like “Juggtain” but what happened last time. I called at their place my cousin picked the phone as soon as I assure his presence I said “I knew someone useless will receive the call today”. He minded it badly. Later on I made the call and extended my apologies to him.

Jokes can’t be made within boundaries but yes it should be reasonable and decent enough, as relationships are of more value than jokes.


One thought on “Crack the jokes not the relationships

  1. you have found a very good way to do your catharsis. Penning down the experiences, lessons, feelings, observations and important incidents truly makes a person feel lighter.
    keep it up buddy!
    luvz! ❤

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