Life is an experience


Life is a complete bunch of experiences good or bad both in your basket. Last days was Sunday and for me Sunday was mehhhh ! its Sunday. I had the quiz scheduled in my second class which was not prepared at all till 5 in the morning because i didn’t find my mind receptive and my mood was not good for study (am the perfect example of student syndrome, this situation all day long through out the week :P). I hardly pulled myself out of my fluffy quilt … funny thing happened i forgot the spelling of fluffy and took help from Google … yes its winter here in our region and we enjoy really beautiful season of winters in Pakistan … its cold but not freezing cold its sunny mostly with bright blue sky i love.

So i pulled my old notes production of my good old times hardly prepared a bit … wore a hand knitted jumper paired it with jeans … Thankx to the person who invented jeans saved us from the pain of washing and pressing πŸ˜› (hahaha no no am not THAT dirty got me good ;)) … abaya scarf and yes neatly done a makeup which i over did today πŸ˜› … i thought “doesn’t make difference if quiz is not prepared” πŸ˜€

Winters in Pakistan ... Race course ground Rawalpindi
Winters in Pakistan … Race course ground Rawalpindi

I was the one reached last in the class quickly got my paper 100 mcqs in 90 mins … Project management PMBOK5 … class environment was not at all supportive for the quiz because only few are prepared rest just had the plan they will fill it for each other when they got to mark the paper (quiz checking strategy was randomly distribute the paper for checking). Β Most of the candidates were not prepared and they were cracking jokes on each other of the quiz and any other possible thing. I enjoyed the comments because having professionals in the class no such environment is observed during my MS course work, you can say rarely. Few of the points were epic to realize teacher he over burdened the class by un-necessary assignments.

Quiz was collected, immediately by the times up bell and distributed randomly i came the fact after the class it was mutual class decision that who ever get the paper of whoever mark it themselves. One of our class fellow brigd sahib sitting in the front row (Man of age 48 years, he is one the intelligent student of the class) he got the paper of the student (the youngest student of our class) notorious for the cheating cases brigd sb had to mark his paper teacher started telling the right answers and brigd sb filled almost three pages(it was around 9 pages paper) suddenly teacher observed his activity that paper is blank he took the paper and cross the whole paper and cancel it. Afterwards he encircle the names of the student got 80+ marks because he thinks the average of the marks obtained is just in the rang of 50 to 70 , and fact was back benchers all scored more tan 80 hahahaha (na naaa am not saying they are nalaik they can’t obtained ;)).

The notorious guy who caught in the each and every time he cheat argued the teacher(he always argued to prove teacher he didn’t cheat). I asked the guy why is the case many others do cheating as well but only you are the one caught red handed and i genuinely can say Allah alerts him every time because i personally know how potential guy he is doing lots of social work and he really wants to devote himself for helping others and he really does. This shows he belongs to pious parents hahahaha Allah saves him every time and today he told me he gave up with this cheating thing all setup to do a good job May Allah help him better.

Yes i got a complement on my over do in the words “your skin improved it recovered from the scares” and i laughed and replied noooooo i changed the cream πŸ˜€ … Will soon do a review post on it. From pas few weeks i didn’t find myself energetic and passionate towards the work or studies but the confession from the guy really woke the things in me again GOOD DAY.


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