1st Dec


First day of December makes me to think “Wohhaaa this year was a fast paced one” … went so quickly … like everyone hates Mondays i hate Sundays as my MS is an executive program planned for mostly the working individuals. Due to my bad sleeping routines its hard for me to get up early for Sunday classes every Sunday i woke and think to bunk the class but i push myself get ready for the class by killing this yummy idea. First class had the presentations scheduled in it as this semester is moving towards end and viral of idiotic presentations are every where.

I was the fifth one in the class a light chit chat was going on among the individuals doctor sahib welcomed me in a very fresh and warm way, we mostly talked about empower the concept of “horizontal learning” in the class … but believe you me common attitude of student is very disappointing towards this “WE DON’T WANT TO LEARN” we don’t want to read the things and get the concept. We just enroll the discipline to get the degree which bring better opportunity for us, yes, of course survival is tough in our country. I personally think this is not the dilemma of Pakistan only but its the common culture every where. But yes room of book reading culture and learning culture is empty. Our education system is just making us the part of “Rat Race”, as our teachers are also impel to say “After all we have to do evaluation”.

My preview of the first presentation scheduled was this gonna be hell bore and yes it was, i want presenter to make me listen to him, if one can’t sorry i can’t make myself listen him. But doctor sahib appreciated the group i don’t know why? but i think content was aligned with doctor sahib’s taste. The whole one presentation took the 3 hours yes hell boring but somewhat of learning as i got these days soft areas are under-research e.g. behavioral aspects of planning. In which research can observe how can desired results achieved by improving the individual or collective behavior.

Second class was with my horrible teacher who is trying to get more horrible with the time. A funny thing happened in his class two presentations were scheduled today as well and one of the group was presenting and teacher was sitting at the back of the class, the group present a model, all the lights were down and quite an environment to sleep, suddenly teacher imposed a question regarding the model from the class and teacher mentioned one of our elderly class fellow by his name and asked him, he waked up and said sorry sir i don’t know frankly about this model as i was sleeping though his voice dimmed in the sudden noise created by class as few of us knew he was sleeping. Teacher couldn’t see him as he was sitting in the back.

Class is really getting close to each other as i found my class fellows all standing at one place and laughing loudly cracking jokes on each other cherishing good time. Unfortunately i couldn’t get this sort of opportunity as i just one girl other than me in the class and somehow we couldn’t help ourselves to develop good relations. Guys mostly have the behavior to remain in crowd than in groups and girls usually cut the fun by making the groups. I don’t like this thing of girls. I mostly sit alone in the class with my tea and kurlees ohhhh yeahhhhh like this ;).

Today first episode of koffee with karan on-aired i simply love the show, first guest was SALMAN KHAN. I liked the episode and first time saw Salman’s father such a fair complexioned man he definitely is a pathan.

All it goes like this life is good with sunny days and today was the sunny day.


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