Anger burst … Teacher Experience

I spent my whole 2013 in doing the first part of my MS that is the course work (the last 6 months are for research work). I left studies 4 years after doing my BS and that time i thought that its not my cup of tea to attend classes, attempt exams, get through the tension of SURPRISE quizzes and painful process of solving the assignment (its not this much horrible hahaha ;)), and now after resuming my studies i am amazed i was absolutely right. I think i should say fantasized that world has changed enough so that the typical and traditional educational system must have also. I thought this time having professionals in the class gonna make me learn more and i will not the part of “Rat Race”. I think i should come towards the post and leave my comment and opinion for the detail post, will right a detail post after completing my course work InshaaAllah.

This is my last semester of course work and i got a horrible teacher this time no no noooooo if you think am saying this due to his looks than lemme correct he is alien in his looks, What ? don’t make bad faces which are trying to tell me am not respecting my teacher. Right teachers are also not meant to dis-respect the students. He is trying to just burden us, and even informing him that having this much load on class of students mostly doing jobs, will result in a low quality work on which he said this is normal load and he has to cover the number of research paper he downloaded. Is this the attitude to make students learn ?

He even didn’t stop here, he checked the pledge over each assignment and send the result of each assignment to the whole class …. khuli bisti hahhaaha. One-thing is for sure un-necessary burden on this level will not make people learn. He should scold the students to do copy and cheating but he should personally scold them instead of insulting them in the audience.

He is a special case as this mostly doesn’t happen at Ms level as teachers know everyone is doing job and mostly are married so they give assignments but not over burden the student and even accommodate the student if anyone gets late on genuine basis. At this level the basic purpose is mostly the horizontal learning instead of bullying them with the burden.

Teachers and preachers live in glass case (the image of them is like a glass case) which breaks easily.


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